Diagnosing and treating acute and chronic diseases requires the insight and expertise of an internal medicine physician, like Daniel Bauer, MD. At New Hope Specialty Clinic in Charlotte, North Carolina, Dr. Bauer uses the most advanced technology to diagnose and treat conditions like diabetes, infections, heart disease, and thyroid disorders. He creates a custom treatment plan to address your existing symptoms and protect your overall health. To learn more about the services Dr. Bauer offers, contact the Charlotte office or book an appointment online.

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Internal Medicine Q & A

New Hope Specialty Clinic

Which internal medicine services are available?

New Hope Specialty Clinic offers a variety of internal medicine services, including:

  • Diagnosis of symptoms
  • Preventative screenings
  • Chronic disease management
  • Specialist referrals

Dr. Bauer also provides annual health examines to monitor your overall health and monitor any existing medical conditions.

What can I expect during an annual health exam?

During your annual health checkup, Dr. Bauer discusses any new symptoms or concerns you have. He also reviews your medical history and records vital information about your health, including your weight, height, temperature, and blood pressure.

Through a physical examination. Dr. Bauer can check for abnormalities, such as lumps or an irregular heartbeat, that may need additional evaluation. Dr. Bauer may also request blood work to monitor existing health conditions or identify new areas of concern.

Dr. Bauer can also discuss your lifestyle habits, such as diet, exercise, smoking, and alcohol consumption. He reviews your current medications and dosages to ensure they are working well for your specific condition.

How are chronic conditions managed?

If you have an existing medical condition, such as diabetes, heart disease, or high blood pressure, Dr. Bauer can perform specific tests to evaluate the progression of your disease and monitor the results of current treatment.

Dr. Bauer can review any new symptoms or concerns you have about a chronic health condition and create a custom treatment plan to address the issues.

In addition to blood work, he may order additional tests, such as an ultrasound or X-ray, to look for issues related to your condition. Tests may be necessary to monitor for issues, like heart or organ damage.

Why do I need preventative health screenings?

If you’re at increased risk for developing certain medical conditions due to a family history or another existing medical condition, Dr. Bauer may perform specific medical tests to identify early signs of a disease or disorder.

These screenings may be part of your annual health examination. or as part of a diagnosis of new symptoms or health concerns.

Learn more about the diagnostic and treatment options available at New Hope Specialty Clinic, contact the office directly or book an appointment online.